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Herosnake NFTs Game has launched a unique NFTs GameFi moving towards true entertainment aspects. In fact, Herosnake is one of GameFi which is expanded by the well-known Herobook ecosystem with the native $HBG tokens used in both games. With the new concept, it definitely comes with the possibility of earning money never goes out of the “next big thing” category such as: 

– Compelling Arcade NFTs Game: Simple but unique gameplay, creative and attractive character graphics and former GameFi economic model that work better together.

– Thrilling Game Modes are being forged with huge rewards which opens up more chances to upgrade levels. It depends not only on how well gamemodes run but also on how well players take advantage of their skills, tactics.

– Many attractive game modes and rewards create opportunities to multiply accounts quickly thanks to the player’s own tactics and skills but the relax element is always the top priority of Herosnake.

– In-game E-NFTs collections are optimised on blockchain, especially flexible multi-chain mechanisms. It also provides more utility than what we’ve seen so far.It plays a beneficial tool in supporting the growth of existing and emerging NFT projects and it helps users get the most optimal profit in the context of strongly fluctuating predation.

Now you can sign-up and try on the Alpha-Test version at

Be set against the background of the powerful snakes in the marvellous universe, the snake will eat the food or even the competitors, enemies to be longer and more powerful. This is also a simple act that has great benefits and it’s the in-game “earning” model. Benefit-driven model that work better together with Heronske E-NFTs. Heronsnake E-NFTs can be especially useful when combined with other in-game resources and a robust profit-sharing for the holders. Some key features of Herosnake E-NFTs that you can get through:

– Hard to be dominated by publisher

– Guaranteeing specific profits for players

– Low price volatility

– Ownership transparency

Moreover, Hero Snake E-NFTs can contributes owners the benefits:

Profit sharing: in the beginning, all profits will be shared with holders of share NFTs (E.NFT), until complete payback. Then the benefits will be divided 5-5 between the issuer and the owner.

Project Administration: The owners of this NFT will have the right to vote for changes and updates in the game Hero Snake.

Gameplay: the special NFTs in the game will be the legendary Golden Snake. Players who own them will prove their level to new players, as those who own Golden Snake can be considered the owner of the game itself.

The first E-NFTs sale round – Loyalty Round reached sold-out 500 E-NFTs While the game just hit the market earlier this month. The private round keeps the NFTs sale amount – 500 E-NFTs today taking place today December 26th,2022.


Herosnake definitely establishes a comprehensive entertainment E-NFTs game for the NFTs Game in particular and crypto in general, and it can demonstrate a recognition of the growing importance of the trending, innovative NFTs Game in the upcoming time.

Herosnake social media:

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