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A non-profit project with the ultimate goal of becoming the largest digital gallery to showcase all amazing aspects of China, the country with the longest continuous history in the world

NFTs have taken over the internet. No one, from businesses to brands and celebrities, can deny onboarding the NFT bandwagon. Unlike any new NFT projects are spawned into the market every other day, China Box chooses a completely different approach as it is dedicated to honor Chinese culture and aim to become the largest digital gallery to showcase all amazing aspects of the country with the longest continuous history in the world.

China Box positions itself as a videoverse where users can watch spectacular Chinese stories and collect randomly dropped virtual items along the way. The rule of the game is very simple, like other watch-to-earn projects, the more time users spend enjoying the provided videos, the more chance they will have to receive free and exclusively designed NFTs.

Product Manager of China Box, excitedly commented on the launch: “As we enter a new digital era powered by blockchain, China Box sees our mission of utilizing this modern technology not only to introduce all the wonderful and amazing aspects of China to the world but also to truly incentivize people to deep dive into the stories about the country’s history, traditions and customs, latest developments, and promising future. This is the core value of our project, and it is also the key competitive advantage of China Box in the sea of watch-to-earn and NFT projects out there.

China Box aims to give users the best experiences in their journey to explore the beauty of China. With a very user-friendly interface and easy-to-understand features, China Box’s current videoverse includes five key sections to deliver a comprehensive picture of the country: Cuisine (“Taste of China”), Technology Development (“Technology”), People (“1.4 billion”), Traditional Martial Arts (“Kung Fu”) and of course, Landscape (“Nature”). Each section consists of tens of short-to-medium-length jaw-dropping videos which have been carefully selected. Transforming into a customizable panda warrior, users will have the chance to explore all these sections, and completely immerse into a magical Chinese-inspired virtual world.

We treat each user as a valuable ambassador of not only the project itself but also the beauty of China. Therefore, in the upcoming months, to maximize users’ experience and build a strong loyal community, China Box will keep delivering more informative videos at the highest quality; at the same time, more unique NFTs that you cannot find anywhere else will also be introduced.” Product Manager said.

In 2023, besides enriching its videoverse, China Box also has a clear roadmap of introducing new features allowing users to mint NFTs, as well as NFT airdrops.

China Box is another typical example of the integration between technology, artistic and cultural heritage, where blockchain and its application can play a vital role in promoting local cultural prosperity and economic development.

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