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Tired of looking for a bot that matches your needs?

Coming across the perfect software solution to fit your very particular needs might not be easy, that is why we are at your service to develop personalised custom bot solutions. Our team of experts will study your problem and offer the simplest, most intuitive and most effective solution. 

Custom solutions


We have extended expertise on custom bot developing, so we can offer you quick and easy solutions for your specific needs.

We know how to manage and create bot for both small companies and large enterprises, always with the guarantee of a Microsoft safe environment.

Furthermore, we offer you the possibility of hosting the bot yourself. Or we can host it for you. Entirely your choice.
What can a customized bot do for you?

With Google’s mobile first indexing update, Develomark  

Using clickable widgets, custom design, HTML5, and a responsive custom CMS, we are confident in building out your next website project that is going to result in more leads and sales.
Looking for a Custom Bot?

If want to start using your own custom bot and you don’t know where to start, contact us (click “ORDER NOW”). We got your back!


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